Cruise Report No.10


Geological Investigations in the Northern Margin of the Okinawa Trough and the Western Margin of the Japan Sea, April – May 1977 (GH77-2 Cruise) Ed. by Eiichi HONZA (397KB)

Contents   (31KB)
Outline of the research cruise Eiichi HONZA (1-11)  (495KB)
Bathymetric survey Kaichi ISHIBASHI and Eiichi HONZA (12-14) (151KB)
3.5 kHz echo sounder profiling survey Fumitoshi MURAKAMI and Kensaku TAMAKI (15-20) (343KB)
Gravity measurements Masato JOSHIMA (21-36) (527KB)
Geomagnetic survey Masato JOSHIMA, Fumitoshi MURAKAMI and Kensaku TAMAKI (37-38) (79KB)
Continuous seismic reflection profiling survey Kensaku TAMAKI, Fumitoshi MURAKAMI and Eiichi HONZA (39-42) (584KB)
Fig.1-4   (551KB)
Sono-buoy refraction measurements Eiichi HONZA, Kensaku TAMAKI and Fumitoshi MURAKAMI (43-46) (298KB)
Description of rocks and sediments Makoto YUASA and Kaichi ISHIBASHI (47-49)  (164KB)
Cored material Eiichi HONZA, Makoto YUASA and Kaichi ISHIBASHI (50-54) (485KB)
Paleontological note of megafossils Kazuo OKAMOTO (55-58) (294KB)
Age assignment of the dredge and piston core samples Michio KATO (59-62) (157KB)
A detail survey around the Oki Islands in the Japan Sea Eiichi HONZA, Makoto YUASA, Masato JOSHIMA, Kensaku TAMAKI, Fumitoshi MURAKAMI Fumitoshi and Kaichi ISHIBASHI (63-68) (530KB)
Geological development in the junction of the Seinan (SW) Japan and Ryukyu Arcs – Preliminary concluding remarks – Eiichi HONZA (69-73) (277KB)
Appendix I : Age assignments of the sedimentary rocks dredged and rock-cored from the micropaleontological analysis. Foraminifera analysis by H. JIMBO and Y. INOUE and diatom flora by H. JIMBO and F. AKIBA of Japan Petroleum Expedition Corp. (74-74)   (35KB)
Appendix II : A K/Ar age determination of granite in the Korean Continental Borderland (D-223-7) by Geochronometry Section, Teledyne Isotopes (75-75)   (17KB)
Summary in Japanese (76-79)   (263KB)