International Training Course for CCOP Member Countries


  1. World’s first success in the measurement of the mechanical properties of deep-sea methane hydrates - The information crucial for developing and evaluating their recovery techniques -

    [posted on February 21, 2019]

  2. Traces of late 7th and 9th century Tokai Earthquakes discovered - Clarifying the connection between Tokai and Nankai Earthquakes over the past 1300 years -

    [posted on December 24, 2019]

  3. Neonicotinoids are suspected to decrease fisheries yield of eels and smelts - Surveys in Lake Shinji showed the catch of eel sharply dropped just after the use of neonicotinoids -

    [posted on November 13, 2019]

  4. The map showing the detailed distribution of one of the most recent deep-sea sediments in the world - “Kazusa-Ohara”, 1:50,000 Quadrangle Geological Map -

    [posted on November 7, 2019]

  5. The history how Japan Sea was formed - “Wajima”, 1:200,000 Quadrangle Geological Map (second edition) -

    [posted on October 9, 2019]

  6. AIST contributed to the establishment of JIS standard to evaluate the property of clay resource “bentonite” - Revision of spot method and new establishment of colorimetric method -

    [posted on September 20, 2019]

  7. Publication of a detailed geological map showing the geological history of Lake Towada (Towada Ko) - “Towada Ko”, 1:50,000 Quadrangle Geological Map of the Aomori - Akita prefectural border -

    [posted on September 10, 2019]

  8. Publication of geological map showing all components of a subduction zone - “Motoyama”, 1:50,000 quadrangle geological map in the Shikoku Mountains -

    [posted on August 8, 2019]

  9. Visualizing the installation potential for ground source heat pump systems in the Osaka Plain - For the urban development utilizing groundwater resource -

    [posted on July 23, 2019]

  10. Digital hydrogeological maps on the internet - Easy access to groundwater information -

    [posted on June 26, 2019]

  11. Deep sea reveals linkage between earthquake and carbon cycle (Joint research with the University of Innsbruck, JAMSTEC,The City University of New York, MARUM, and ETH Zurich)

    [posted on April 5, 2019]

  12. The Precursory Process at the Sakurajima Volcano Common in the Past Three Plinian Eruptions - magma spews out from considerably shallower vent -

    [posted on April 2, 2019]


Recent publication

  • Geochemical Map of Chubu Region
  • Geological Map of Japan 1:50,000. KAZUSA-OHARA
  • Geological Map of Japan 1:200,000. WAJIMA (2nd ed.)
  • Geological Map of Japan 1:50,000. TOWADA KO
  • Geological Map of Japan 1:50,000. MOTOYAMA
  • Thermal Data Collection in and around Japan
  • Water Environment Map No. 5 Tsukushi Plain (2nd ed.), No.10 Yufutsu Plain, No.11 Osaka Plain
  • S-6. Seamless Geoinformation of Coastal Zone "Eastern Coastal Zone of Boso Peninsula"

Catalogue of Geological Maps and Purchase guide