International Training Course for CCOP Member Countries


  1. A new method to distinguish fossil corals that retain the original marine environmental information
    - for further elucidation of paleo-marine environment -

    [posted on May 25, 2018]

  2. 3D visualization of the subsurface geological structure beneath the northern area of Chiba Prefecture, central Japan
    - Release of the first 3D geological map in Japan -

    [posted on April 24, 2018]

  3. GSJ and the Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (KIGAM) have signed the MOU on 26 February 2018.

    [posted on March 26, 2018]

  4. The southern Ryukyu Islands have been repeatedly hit by gigantic tsunamis-the study proves

    [posted on January 31, 2018]

  5. Deciphering the history of human-induced ocean acidification recorded in coral reefs

    [posted on January 31, 2018]

  6. Assistant Director General Masahiko Makino and GSJ members attended the 53rd CCOP Annual Session on 16-18 October 2017.

    [posted on January 11, 2018]

  7. GSJ and the Geological Survey of Austria (GBA) have signed the MOU on 31 October 2017.

    [posted on November 24, 2017]

  8. A numerical model for geochemical processes to understand the recurrence intervals of earthquakes
    - Formation of extensional quartz veins potentially controls recurrence intervals of earthquakes in subduction zones -

    [posted on November 24, 2017]

  9. The geological history of Japanese Islands recorded in northernmost part of the Japan Alps
    -“Tomari”, 1:50,000 quadrangle geological map -

    [posted on October 31, 2017]

  10. The map tells the reason why fossils of a dinosaur was found there
    - “Toba”, 1:50,000 quadrangle geological map -

    [posted on October 6, 2017]

  11. New method to directly assess the corrosion risk of water pipes
    - Soil investigation using high-frequency AC resistivity measurement -

    [posted on September 5, 2017]


Recent publication

  • Geological Map of Volcanoes 20 HACHIJOJIMA VOLCANO
  • Geological Map of Japan 1:50,000. ICHINOHE
  • Gravity Map (Bouguer Anomalies) 33 Gravity Map of Kanazawa District
  • Marine Geology Map No.89 (CD) Geological Map of Hibiki-nada
  • Miscellaneous Map Sr. 41 Seamless Digital Geological Map of Tochigi Prefecture
  • Geological Map of Japan 1:50,000. TOBA
  • Geological Map of Japan 1:50,000. TOMARI
  • Marine Polymetallic Mineral Deposits in the Vicinity of the Japanese Islands, Northwest Pacific ( 2nd ed.)
  • Geological Map of Japan 1:50,000. KAN-ONJI

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