Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.50 No.5/6 (1999)

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An overview of Gas Chromatograph/Combustion/Mass Spectrometer (GC/C/MS)

Table of Contents

Special Issue:Recent progress in basic studies related to hydrocarbon deposits (Part III)

Preface Editors : Shuichi TOKUHASHI, Yoshio WATANABE, Masaki TAKAHASHI, Yukio YANAGISAWA, Mahito WATANABE, Nobuyuki KANEKO and Susumu SAKATA (305-306) 50-0506_01.pdf (231KB)
Geochemical study on the composition and degradation processes of organic matter during early diagenesis: A case study in the sediments from the offshore area of the western part of Hokkaido, Japan Minako TERASHIMA, Masatoshi KOMIYA, Shigeru TERASHIMA, Yoshio INOUCHI and Kikuo KATO (307-319) 50-0506_02.pdf(1,539KB)
Palaeotemperature assessment of the northern Japan Sea using alkenone in the sediment cores Masatoshi KOMIYA (321-327) 50-0506_03.pdf(989KB)
Biomarkers of various bound forms in Neogene sediments, Yashima, Akita, NE Japan Masanobu YAMAMOTO (329-359) 50-0506_04.pdf(3,325KB)
Paleoceanographic controls on the deposition of Neogene petroleum source rocks, NE Japan Masanobu YAMAMOTO, Yoshio WATANABE and Mahito WATANABE (361-376) 50-0506_05.pdf(2,281KB)
Origin of unusual hydrocarbon ratio gases in Japan:compositional change due to bacterial degradation Shun-ichiro IGARI (377-381) 50-0506_06.pdf(477KB)
Carbon isotope analysis of natural gas components using a gas chromatograph/combustion/mass specrometer (GC/C/MS) Nobuyuki KANEKO, Tatsuo MAEKAWA, Shun-ichiro IGARI and Susumu SAKATA (383-393) 50-0506_07.pdf(1,265KB)
Conditions and performance of GC/C/MS for carbon isotopic analyses of high molecular-weight hydrocarbons Susumu SAKATA, Nobuyuki KANEKO, Masatoshi KOMIYA and Tatsuo MAEKAWA (395-404) 50-0506_08.pdf(1,292KB)
Evaluation of oil-generation potential on coals from Japan and foreign countries Yuichiro SUZUKI and Keizo FUJII (405-420) 50-0506_09.pdf(3,139KB)
A new statistical approach to marine gas hydrate resources appraisal Yoshio WATANABE (421-430) 50-0506_10.pdf(1,387KB)