International Training Course

Last Updated : May 1, 2018

For CCOP Member Countries

GSJ International Training Course on Practical Geological Survey Techniques 2018
- application to geological disaster mitigation-
26 June - 13 July 2018


Application Deadline: 20 April 2018 (Closed)

Introduction of the GSJ International Training Course [pdf(460KB)]

Application Form [zip(330KB)]

Tentative Program (as of 27 Apr 2018)




Section 1: Practical geological survey techniques for accretionary geology
- Dr. Kazuhiro Miyazaki (Geology, GSJ)
- Dr. Yutaka Takahashi (Petrology, GSJ)
- Dr. Yoshihiro Nakamura (Geology, GSJ)
- Dr. Daisuke Sato (Geology, GSJ)
- Dr. Yasuyuki Banno (Geology, GSJ)
- Dr. Masumi Mikoshiba (Petrology, GSJ)
- Dr. Hidetoshi Hara (Geology, GSJ)
- Dr. Tsuyoshi Ito (Paleontology, GSJ)
- Dr. Yoshiaki Kon (Geochemistry, GSJ)
- Dr. Kenzo Sanematsu (Mineral Resources, GSJ)
- Dr. Koji Wakita (Geology, Yamaguchi University)
Section 2: Exploration and analysis techniques
- Dr. Masahiko Makino (Geophysics, GSJ)
- Dr. Shigeo Okuma (Geophysics, GSJ)
- Dr. Koki Iwao (Remote Sensing, GSJ)
- Dr. Yoshiki Ninomiya (Remote Sensing, GSJ)
- Dr. Shinji Takarada (Geology, GSJ)
- Dr. Joel Bandibas (GIS Expert, GSJ)
Section 3: Application to geological disaster mitigation
- Dr. Tsutomu Nakazawa (Geology, GSJ)
- Dr. Susumu Nonogaki (Geoinformatics, GSJ)
- Dr. Ikuo Cho (Geophysics, GSJ)
- Dr. Masayuki Yoshimi (Earthquake engineering, GSJ)
- Dr. Yasuto Kuwahara (Seismology, GSJ)
- Dr. Tadashi Maruyama (Earthquake Geology, GSJ)
- Dr. Yuichi Namegaya (Tsunami, GSJ)
- Dr. Yoshihiro Ishizuka (Volcano Geology, GSJ)
- Dr. Koichi Hayashi (Near-surface geophysics, OYO Corporation)
- Mr. Hirotaka Yoshida (Sales & Marketing, OYO Corporation)
- Mr. Tadashi Yagi (Sales & Marketing, OYO Corporation)
- Dr. Senro Kuraoka (Landslide, Nippon Koei)

Access to GSJ, AIST

About ~70 min. by a limousine from the Narita International Airport.

Living Information


A single room will be provided for each trainee in the GSJ guest house “Sakura-kan”.
 Sakura-kan [pdf(207KB)]

Restaurants and Shops

There are several cafeterias and a convenience store in AIST. Participants can eat breakfast, lunch and supper there. They can also go out for meals and shopping in the vicinity.


Map around GSJ_AIST.pdf

Weather and Clothing

June and July are rainy season in Japan. Heavy rain is not very common but it sometimes drizzles for days. Average maximum/minimum temperatures of July are 28℃ (82°F) / 23℃ (73°F) and humidity is 70 to 75%. Participants would be well-advised to bring an umbrella or a rain coat. Comfortable shoes are needed for the field excursions.

Time Zone

-1:00 Papua New Guinea
+0:00 Timor-Leste
+1:00 Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore
+2:00 Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Thailand, Viet Nam
+2:30 Myanmar