Vision and Mission

Last Updated: April 13, 2021


 Assess the Geology (Quality of Earth) by using our world’s-best geological survey and analytical techniques, and help to solve the social problems relating to stable supply of resources and energy, environmental conservation, and mitigation of natural disasters from a global perspective. As a national institute of geological survey, promote cooperation with domestic and overseas earth science organizations.


 Gather, compile, and provide geological information, and develop its technologies to overcome various difficulties in global environmental protection, exploration of minerals and energy resources, and natural disaster mitigation. Disseminate the outcomes of its research activities and coordinate international cooperation with geoscience institutions and organizations all over the world.

Outline of Priority Strategies 2020–2024

Acquisition and management of geoinformation as a national geological survey

 GSJ systematically creates and improves geological and other thematic maps of the land and adjacent seas in line with the national intellectual infrastructure project and distributes the geoinformation useful for securing of marine mineral resources, and urban disaster prevention.

Geoinformation and geological assessment to build robust national land and durable society

 GSJ keeps the geoinformation on active faults, tsunamis and volcanoes up-to-date with the latest scientific knowledge and develops the methods to assess and forecast seismic and volcanic activities as well as long-term geodynamics so as to contribute to making our homeland and society resilient to disasters.

Assessment of Geosphere to utilize its resources and environment in industry

 GSJ develops technology that contributes to the assessment of natural resources and/or the use of subsurface environment: geophysical exploration, chemical analysis, dating, microbial analysis, measurement of physical properties, drilling techniques, rock property evaluation, modeling, simulation, and so on.

Geoinformation management and promotion of its use in society

 GSJ collects and manages geoinformation database and geological specimens and promotes their use in society by effectively delivering its outcomes.

Technical development for environmental assessment, remediation and management to achieve harmonious development and utilization with environment

 GSJ develops and merges the technology for the assessment and monitoring of environmental impact, remediation and management not only to harmonize different types of development and utilization that support industry and human activity with environmental conservation but also to improve the quality of human society.

Promotion of standardization

 GSJ targets the development and standardization of highly reproducible test methods to promote the assessment and remediation of soil contamination.