Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.14 No.11 (1963)

Table of Contents

On the Mercury-dispersion of the Environs of Gold-Silver Veins, Okuchi Mine, Kagoshima Prefecture Kiyoshi TAKASHIMA, Fumio KISHIMOTO and Komi KATO (795-808) 14-11_01.pdf(2,486KB)
Distribution of Germanium in Ryuo Mine, Nagano Prefecture Atsushi ANDO and Kiyoshi TAKASHIMA (809-822) 14-11_02.pdf(2,595KB)
On the Study of the Coal Field Gas in the Akaike Coal Mine, Chikuho Coal Field Minoru SASAKI and Shozo NAGATA (823-842) 14-11_03.pdf(3,971KB)
Zircon-Tourmaline-Garnet Ratio in the Paleogene Formations of the Miike Coal Field, Kyushu, Japan Yoshiaki SATO (843-849) 14-11_04.pdf(1,294KB)
Minor Components in Natural Gas from Natural Gas Accumulation with Formation Water in Japan Hiroshi YONETANI (850-866) 14-11_05.pdf(3,846KB)
[ Notes ] (867-871) 14-11_06.pdf(1,574KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar (1963.10) (872-872) 14-11_07.pdf(120KB)