Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.13 No.3 (1962)

Table of Contents

Petrology and Chemistry of the Volcanic Rocks from the Fukue-jima in the Goto Islands of Nagasaki Prefecture, Southwest Japan Hajime KURASAWA and Kiyoshi TAKAHASHI (195-210) 13-03_01.pdf(2,614KB)
On the Iron Sand Forming Minerals and Distribution of their Grain Sizes in Japan (A Supplement of the Titaniferous Iron Sand Resources in Japan) Tomio HATTORI (211-230) 13-03_02.pdf(3,284KB)
On Okuchi Clay Deposits, Kagoshima Prefecture Noriyuki FUJII (231-238) 13-03_03.pdf(1,814KB)
On the Mercury Deposit of the Kamio Mine, Nara Prefecture Fumio KISHIMOTO (239-258) 13-03_04.pdf(4,486KB)
Report on the Engineering Geology of the Water Power Plant on the Proposed Dam Site along the River Kagami, Kochi Prefecture Nobuyuki KIYOSHIMA (259-263) 13-03_05.pdf(1,231KB)
Geophysical Investigation at Fumuro Mine, Fukui Prefecture Yoshitaka ODANI and Tomosaburo SAITO (264-270) 13-03_06.pdf(1,393KB)
[ Summary ] (271-278) 13-03_07.pdf(2,218KB)
[ Summary ] (279-284) 13-03_08.pdf(1,330KB)
[ Notes ] (285-288) 13-03_09.pdf(1,135KB)
[ Notes ] (288-290) 13-03_10.pdf(466KB)