Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.10 No.12 (1959)

Table of Contents

Consideration on Some Sedimentary Features of Non-metamorphosed Upper Paleozoics and Ryoke Metamorphics in the Northern Part of Kiso Mountainland, Central Japan Hiroshi ISOMI and Masato KATADA (1037-1052) 10-12_01.pdf(4,282KB)
So-called “ Yakuno Intrusive Rocks ” in Maizuru District, Japan Sachio IGI (1053-1061) 10-12_02.pdf(10,339KB)
On the Sedimentation of the Cretaceous Deposits, Especially of the Upper Yezo Group in the Sorachi Anticlinal Area, Ishikari Coal Field Keisaku TANAKA (1063-1077) 10-12_03.pdf(1,548KB)
Report on the Engineering Geology of the Proposed Dam Sites for Hydro-power along the River Niyodo, Shikoku Island Nobuhiko OBARA (1079-1092) 10-12_04.pdf(1,376KB)
Report on the Land Devastation and Sediment Accumulation above Kamishima Weir at the Source Region of the River Mimi, Miyazaki Prefecture Kazue WATANABE (1093-1104) 10-12_05.pdf(1,400KB)
[ Summary ] (1105-1109) 10-12_06.pdf(572KB)
[ Notes ] (1111-1130) 10-12_07.pdf(1,723KB)