Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.6 No.3 (1955)

Table of Contents

TitleAuthor PDF
On the Investigation of the Groundwater for Fabric Industry of Kakogawa District, Hyogo Prefecture Nobuo KURATA and Kazuo MORI (145-154) 06-03_01.pdf(1,168KB)
Areal Investigation for Groundwater of the Shigenobu River Basin Ehime Prefecture Nobuo KURATA (155-162) 06-03_02.pdf(761KB)
Geophysical Prospecting at Kuga Mine, Yamaguchi Prefecture Kihei SHIBATO (163-170) 06-03_03.pdf(715KB)
[ Summary ]
On the Dolomite Deposit of the Ikagawa Mine, Oita Prefecture
Hideo INOUE (171-176) 06-03_04.pdf(660KB)
[ Summary ]
Geology of Dam Site and Reservoir in the River Kuro, Ehime Prefecture
Shoichiro HAYASHI (177-182) 06-03_05.pdf(697KB)
[ Summary ]
On the Wolframite Deposit of Setoda Mine, Hiroshima Prefecture
Keiji DOI (183-186) 06-03_06.pdf(293KB)
[ Summary ]
Pegmatite (Silica-stone) in Tanohata-mura Iwate Prefecture
Shizuka OKUMI (187-188) 06-03_07.pdf(183KB)
Correction of Text 06-03_08.pdf(57KB)