Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.4 No.7 (1953)

Table of Contents

Geochemical Studies on Coal-bearing Beds – An Analytical Result of Drilling Cores in Inabe Coal Field, Mie Prefecture – Nobuhiko OBARA (425-434) 04-07_01.pdf(1,118KB)
On the Gold Silver Ore Deposit in Ogane Mine, Utasutsu-gun, Hokkaido Masao SAITO (435-446) 04-07_02.pdf(1,120KB)
Geochemical Prospecting at Kuroiwa Section of Yonaihata Mine, Fukushima Prefecture Yonosuke ISHIDA, Haruo KISHI and Komi KATO (447-460) 04-07_03.pdf(1,521KB)
Study on Preparing Thin Section of Soft Rocks in using Permeated Synthetic Resine under Low Pressure Torao OTSUKA (461-466) 04-07_04.pdf(1,244KB)
[ Summary / Prompt report ]
Silica Stone for Fire Brick in Mie Prefecture
Takeo OKANO and Hiroshi TAKAHASHI (467-474) 04-07_05.pdf(736KB)
[ Summary / Prompt report ]
Silica Stone for Fire Brick in Tokushima Prefecture
Toshio ANSAI (475-478) 04-07_06.pdf(459KB)
[ Summary / Prompt report ]
Geological Structure of the Water Tunnel of Mishima Generating Station, Ehime Prefecture
Shoichiro HAYASHI (479-480) 04-07_07.pdf(150KB)
[ Miscellanies ] (481-482) 04-07_08.pdf(140KB)
Correction of Text 04-07_09.pdf(24KB)