Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.3 No.10 (1952)

Table of Contents

Cupriferous Pyritic Deposit in the Ehime Mine, Ehime Prefecture Tadashi KIMURA and Kojiro KOMURA (459-464) 03-10_01.pdf(683KB)
Tungsten Deposit in Kaneuchi Mine, Kyoto Prefecture Kuman HARAGUCHI and Toru KIKUCHI (465-469) 03-10_02.pdf(578KB)
Tungsten Ore Deposit in Wachi Mine, Kyoto Prefecture Hiromichi MIYAMOTO and Nisaku SHIMOMURA (469-474) 03-10_03.pdf(595KB)
The Ore Deposits in Iwami Copper Mine, as Related to the Recovery of Cement Copper Satoru UMEMOTO and Kiyoshi TAKAHASHI (474-485) 03-10_04.pdf(1,259KB)
Geophysical Exploration at Ikuno Mine, Hyogo Prefecture Konosuke SATO and Jun KANEKO (485-492) 03-10_05.pdf(751KB)
[ Summary / Prompt report ]
Report on Soma Lignite Field, Fukushima Prefecture
Iwao OWAKI and Eijiro OWA (493-502) 03-10_06.pdf(1,113KB)
[ Summary / Prompt report ]
The Silica Stone Deposits in Mikawa District
Toshio ANSAI (502-509) 03-10_07.pdf(889KB)
[ Summary / Prompt report ]
Manganese Deposit at Dedo Mine, Gifu Prefecture
Hiromichi MIYAMOTO (509-511) 03-10_08.pdf(262KB)
[ Summary / Prompt report ]
Manganese Deposit at Kuraki Mine, Gifu Prefecture
Hiromichi MIYAMOTO (512-514) 03-10_09.pdf(253KB)
[ Summary / Prompt report ]
A Preliminary Report on the Liquid Inclusions in some Compound Brick Silica Stone in Japan
Shuichi IWAO (514-517) 03-10_10.pdf(947KB)
[ Summary / Prompt report ]
Electrical Prospecting for the Pyrite Ore Deposit at Kamaya Mine, Hokkaido
Jun KANEKO (517-521) 03-10_11.pdf(586KB)
[ Summary / Prompt report ]
Electrical Prospectings at Kuroiwa Section of Yonaihata Mine, Fukushima Prefecture
Masayoshi MUROZUMI (521-529) 03-10_12.pdf>(906KB)
[ Miscellanies ] (530-530) 03-10_13.pdf(134KB)