Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.1 No.3 (1950)

Table of Contents

Outline of "Some Problems of Seismic Prospecting" Masami HAYAKAWA (117-124) 01-03_01.pdf(781KB)
The Copper Ore Deposit of the Kosaka Mine, especially on the Properties of the Ore Deposit related to the Recovery of the Cement Copper Fusazo SHINANO (125-130) 01-03_02.pdf(963KB)
Geology of the District near Kotaki Colliery, Niigata Prefecture Michiya KONO (130-136) 01-03_03.pdf(881KB)
Changes of Gravity Difference between Imaichi and Nikko owing to the “Imaichi Earthquake” Kumiji IIDA, Masami HAYAKAWA and Kuniyuki KATAYOSE (136-138) 01-03_04.pdf(338KB)
Geophysical Prospecting in Oshirabetsu Mine, Tokachi Province, Hokkaido Konosuke SATO and Kihei SHIBATO (138-143) 01-03_05.pdf(729KB)
Laboratory Experiment of the Application of Sodium Silicate to Muddy Water in Core-drill Works Nobuhiko OBARA (144-146) 01-03_06.pdf(281KB)
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The Report on the Kamui Gold Mine, Tokachi Province, Hokkaido
Akira TAKABATAKE (147-148) 01-03_07.pdf(235KB)
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Talc Deposits from Miyamori and Natsuyama, Iwate Prefecture
Koroku Tsuboya (148-151) 01-03_08.pdf(502KB)
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Talc Deposit from Funaki, Ehime Prefecture
Koroku Tsuboya (151-153) 01-03_09.pdf(378KB)
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Talc Deposit of Azai Mine, Okayama Prefecture
Koroku Tsuboya (153-155) 01-03_10.pdf(352KB)
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Geology of the Katsuura Coal Field with Description of its Five Collieries, Tokushima Prefecture
Toru KIKUCHI (155-159) 01-03_11.pdf(618KB)
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Seismic Prospecting at Shimizusawa District in Ishikari Coal-field, in Hokkaido
Masami HAYAKAWA and Tetsuo TATEISHI (159-164) 01-03_12.pdf(681KB)
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Geophysical Prospecting in Takanokura Mine, Soma County, Fukushima Prefecture
Konosuke SATO and Junji SUYAMA (165-168) 01-03_13.pdf(454KB)
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Some Tests on the Material of Equipments of a Core-drill Machine in Japan
Kunitake FUKAZAWA and Takamoto YAMADA (168-171) 01-03_14.pdf(415KB)
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On the Volcanic Activity of Mt. Mihara, Izu Oshima Is. in 1950
Konosuke SAWAMURA (171-176) 01-03_15.pdf(923KB)
[ Miscellanies ] (177-177) 01-03_16.pdf(132KB)
[ Miscellanies ] (178-178) 01-03_17.pdf(104KB)
[ Miscellanies ] (179-180) 01-03_18.pdf(264KB)