Geological Hazards

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Last Updated : June 22, 2020

Geological hazards have been great threat to the people living on the archipelago of significant seismic and volcanic activity. Precise and detailed information about the underground structure of volcanoes and active faults as well as the improvement in prediction of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions is crucial for disaster mitigation. We carry out researches to clarify the mechanism of past volcanic and seismic events, predict their future activities, and improve our disaster assessment technology based on surveys and monitoring to reveal their activity.

We also conduct emergency surveys in a time of geological disaster such as earthquake and volcanic eruption so as to properly respond to requests from government or the public and promptly deliver the results via any communication method.

Earthquake Hazards

GSJ is engaged in improving the accuracy of evaluations for earthquake hazards, by determining location and activity of active faults and by conducting detailed surveys on soft sedimentary structure. Through field surveys and numerical simulation, GSJ also seeks to predict near-surface coseismic slip of the active faults and related seismic damages.

Volcanic Hazards

GSJ conducts field surveys, analyses and experiments to understand volcanic eruption history, which is effective for mitigating the impact of volcanic disasters. At the time of eruption, GSJ immediately dispatches an urgent survey team to volcanoes and publishes obtained data. Results of the surveys and analyses are integrated to compile geological maps of volcanoes and other databases.