Cruise Report No.20


Marine Geology, Geophysics, and Manganese Nodules in the Northern Vicinity of the Magellan Trough, August – October 1980 (GH80-5 Cruise) Ed. by Seizo NAKAO (254KB)

Contents   (52KB)
Part I    
Outline of the GH80-5 cruise Seizo NAKAO, Koji ONODERA, Kensaku TAMAKI, Masato JOSHIMA, Akira USUI, Akira NISHIMURA and Katsuya TSURUSAKI (1-19) (790KB)
Magnetic anomalies of the GH80-5 survey area in the Central Pacific Basin Kensaku TAMAKI and Masato JOSHIMA (20-22) (159KB)
Gravimetric survey in the GH80-5 cruise Masato JOSHIMA (23-34) (340KB)
IV ubstrate structure by 3.5 kHz SBP in the GH80-5 area Seizo NAKAO (35-42) (430KB)
Seismic reflection survey in the Central pacific Basin during GH80-5 cruise Kensaku TAMAKI (43-52) (681KB)
Heat flow measurement in the GH80-5 area Masato JOSHIMA (53-66) (865KB)
Deep-sea sediments in the GH80-5 area in the northern vicinity of the Magellan Trough Akira NISHIMURA (67-89) (1,680KB)
Geotechnical properties of deep-sea sediments in the northern part of Central Pacific Basin (GH80-5 area) Katsuya TSURUSAKI (90-105)  (624KB)
Local variability of manganese nodule deposits in the GH80-5 area Akira USUI and Seizo NAKAO (106-164)  (4,387KB)
Part II    
Remanent magnetization of sediment cores in the GH80-5 survey area Masato JOSHIMA and Akira NISHIMURA (165-192) (1,140KB)
The vertical change of the clay mineral composition in some deep-sea cores raised from the northern part of the Central Pacific Basin Saburo AOKI (193-197) (247KB)
Major element chemistry of Pacific marine sediments around 10 degrees N and 174 degrees W : samples for GH80-5 cruise, Geological Survey of Japan Ryuichi SUGISAKI and Koshi YAMAMOTO (198-214) (829KB)
Minor chemical composition of deep-sea sediments from the GH80-5 area in the Central Pacific Basin Naoki MITA and Seizo NAKAO (215-226) (512KB)
Mineralogy and internal structure of manganese nodules of the GH80-5 area Akira USUI (227-241) (846KB)
Local variability of manganese nodule chemistry and its relationship to mineralogy in the GH80-5 area Akira USUI and Tsunekazu MOCHIZUKI (242-262) (895KB)
Summary in Japanese Summary in Japanese (263-272)   (776KB)