Cruise Report No.11


Geological Investigation of the Okhotsk and Japan Seas Off Hokkaido, June – July 1977 (GH77-3 Cruise) Ed. by Eiichi HONZA (311KB)

Contents   (27KB)
Outline of the research cruise Eiichi HONZA (1-11)  (387KB)
Bathymetric survey Koji ONODERA and Eiichi HONZA (12-15) (167KB)
3.5 kHz echo sounder profiling survey Kiyokazu NISHIMURA and Kensaku TAMAKI (16-22) (545KB)
Gravity and geomagnetic measurements Teruki MIYAZAKI (23-41) (in preparation)
Continuous seismic reflection profiling survey Kensaku TAMAKI, Kiyokazu NISHIMURA and Eiichi HONZA (42-45) (246KB)
Fig. 1-5   (358KB)
Sono-buoy refraction measurement Eiichi HONZA, Kensaku TAMAKI and Kiyokazu NISHIMURA (46-49) (249KB)
Rocks and sediments Makoto YUASA and Koji ONODERA (50-53) (262KB)
Cored material Eiichi HONZA, Makoto YUASA and Koji ONODERA (54-55)  (115KB)
Distribution of the globigerina pachyderma (EHRENBERG) in the Kuril and Japan Basins, and the fluctuation of coiling direction of G. pachyderma in the core P109 Hiroshi KITAZATO (56-59)  (154KB)
Geological history of the Kuril Basin and the tartary Trough
– Preliminary concluding remarks –
Eiichi HONZA (60-64) (276KB)
Appendix : Age assignments of the sedimentary rocks dredged and rock-cored from the micropaleontological analysis. Foraminifera and diatom analysis by Y. INOUE of Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., and palynological analysis by S. TOKUNAGA of Nihon Hiryo Co. (65-69)   (61KB)
Summary in Japanese (70-72)   (244KB)