CCOP technical bulletin list



“Reports of the DCGM-IV Project of the “Asia Geothermal Database”


Yasukuni Okubo and Takayuki Sawaki

1. Activities of CCOP digital compilation of Geoscientific Maps (DCGM)
Phase IV Project on groundwater and geothermal databases
Marivic Pulvera Uzarraga, Eizo Yamada, Yasukuni Okubo and Atsunao Marui
2. Geothermal database of Cambodia Phok Salorn
3. Geothermal resources and their database construction in Shandong Province, China Fengxin Kang, Menggui Jin, Liting Xing and Xilong Yuan
4. Geothermal resources and their database in Indonesia: A country report Rina Wahyuningsih
5. Geothermal resources and their development in Japan Takayuki Sawaki
6. Useful geological datasets and databases in Japan for establishment of the geothermal database Takayuki Sawaki
7. The status of final DCGM-IV project of CCOP: Geothermal D/B progress in South Korea Hyoung-Chan Kim
8. Malaysia geothermal resource and database U. D. Hussin, S. Suratman, M. Hamzah and F. Javino
9. Geophysical manifestation of the geothermal systems of the Feni Islands, Papua New Guinea Nathan T. Mosusu
10. The Philippine geothermal database -1st Initiative Elizabeth N. Tilos and Ruel T. Malapitan
11. Thailand geothermal database: Digital data compilation for the DCGM-IV, CCOP Manop Raksaskulwong
12. Temperature logging and thermal data in the Mekong delta Nguyen Hong Bang