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Geoinformation and GIS application for the urban areas of East and Southeast Asia– proceedings of ITIT symposium, February 14-15, 2000 –

ed. by Koji WAKITA and Yusaku TAGUCHI

Digital compilation of geoscientific information of East and Southeast Asia phase III (DCGM III) Koji WAKITA, Yusaku TAGUCHI, Tomio INAZAKI, Toch SOPHON, ZHUANG Wenming, KANG Fengxin, Wawan SUNGKAWA, Wawan SUTARJA, Saro LEE, Mahisham IBRAHIM, Gabriel Kepe KUNA, A. R. LUCERO Jr., Sunya SARAPIROME, Chote TRACHU, Terdsak SUBTAVEWUNG, Tran Hoang THIEN, Maria Joy N. DAIGO and Marivic G. Pulvera UZARRAGA
Spatial database construction and its application to groundwater protection of Ulsan, Korea Saro LEE
GIS application for the management of groundwater resources in Shandong province, China KANG Fengxin and YUAN XILONG
GIS database for land-use planningin the Phuket Island, Thailand Sunya SARAPIROME, Chote TRACHU and Terdsak SUBTAVEWUNG
The use of GIS in geological input for Cyberjaya project Mahisham IBRAHIM
Digital compilation of geoscientific information using GIS : the case of Nagoya, Japan Maria and Koji WAKITA
Digital compilation of geological data set and geohazard risk assessment of a large urban area using geographical information system (GIS) : Cebu City, Philippine A. R. LUCERO Jr, M. E. Q. PACANA, A. E. G. PACANA, A. E. G. BERADOR, E. J. M. DIEGOR, J. T. ALETA and S. L. BATUCAN
GIS application for the geological information of Hanoi City
Tran Hoang THIEN
Geologic information of Phnom Penh area and the use of GIS application for digital mapping Toch SOPHON
Digital compilation of geoscientific information for Port Moresby City, Papua New Guinea Gabriel Kepe KUNA
Introduction to the urban geological investigation in a coastal area of East China Duan WEIWU and ZHUANG Wenming
Integrated assessment of digital maps for recommendation of primary landuse from the environmental point of view – the case of bandung basin, Indonesia Wawan SUNGKAWA
Incorporation of engineering geological data to urban geoinformation systems Tomio INAZAKI
Development of GIS based Real-time assessment of earthquake disaster system of Yokohama City Kiyonori IISAWA
All-hazards risk assessment in Pacific Cities Graham G. SHORTEN
Geohazard risk to urban communities in Australia Ken GRANGER