CCOP technical bulletin list



Groundwater environment in the cites-its past and present Takemasa ISHII and Masaya YASUHARA
A comparison of groundwater ages based on carbon-14 data three-dimensional advective transport modeling of the lower Chao Phraya basin : Effects of paleohydrology and implications for water resources development in Thailand W. E. SANFORD and S. BUAPENG
Submarine groundwater discharge and seawater / freshwater interface in the groundwater flow system Atsunao MARUI
3D Simulation of groundwater flow and subsurface temperature Youhei UCHIDA
Groundwater use and management in the Kingdom of Cambodia Hout VORAKCHEAT
Some studied results on groundwater environment in the Bacbo Plain Tong Ngoc THANH
Groundwater use and management in Papua New Guinea Simon S. EGARA
Geoscientific bases on sustainable development of the Yellow river delta KANG Fengxin, XU Junxiang and YUAN Xilong
Cilegon groundwater basin (CGB) WAHYUDIN and HARYADI
Groundwater environment of Jinan city LIU Guoai
Present status of groundwater management in Korea Yong-je KIM
A preliminary study on groundwater contamination of Shallow aquifer in the Kelantan river basin Azmi Bin ISMAIL
Analysis of the eco-environmental-geological problems of Luxi Plain SONG Yingsheng and CHEN Zhancheng
Effective enforcement of rules and regulations : Action at the local level Ricarte S. JAVELOSA
The cause and countermeasure study on the sea salt water intrusion in Laizhou bay LIU Guiyi
The present situation of water resources pollution in Qingdao city and preliminary discussion on the countermeasures YIN Mingquan
Major geologic hazards and prevention in Dezhou, Shandong province MENG Qingfeng, DONG Sanqiang and YAN Shiqiang
Analysis of sustainable development and use of groundwater resources in Weihai city YANG Maoping, QIAO Linghai and ZHANG Yanqing
Characteristics and mechanism of pollution by petroleum in karst fissure water in Hougao, Linzi district, Shandong ZHU Xueshun and DUAN Xiuming
Geologico-environmental situation of Shandong province, its management and protection SHI Baoyu
Sustainable development of groundwater resources and protection of geologic environment in Yicheng district, Zaozhuang city WAN Jitao
Regulation (norm) of coal mining and strengthen of protection of geologic environment LI Jingxian
The present conditions, causes, developing trends and protection measures of geological hazards in Linyi city, Shandong province YANG Qijian
Influence of development of groundwater resources on the geologic environment – A case study of water source areas in Tai' an city proper and Jiuxian GAO Zongjun, TANG Mengsheng, LIU Ming and DAI Zhongquan
Development of mineral resources and protection of geologic environment DAI Zhongquan
Major countermeasures for realizing the sustainable improvement of the water resource environment in Dongyin city, Shandong province LIU Yurang and LING Boji
Discussion on the solution to the rather shortage of water resources in the northwest plain of Shandong as a consequence of the Yellow river cut off ZHU Zhangyou, LIU Yurang and XU Guizheng
Review of the methods employed for geothermal groundwater resource investigation and the environmental protection LU Jing and HAN Jingmin
Application of finite element method in the evaluation of deep-level groundwater resources in the Linpan oil field MA Zhen
On disasters (hazards) along the coast and the countermeasures for its prevention  
Probe into the origin of the Dezhou cone of depression of deep-level groundwater and the surface subsidence in Dezhou proper, Shandong WANG Yanjun