CCOP technical bulletin list



Role of heat flow mapping in hydrocarbon resource assessment and geodynamics in East and Southeast Asia Osamu MATSUBAYASHI
Compilation of heat flow in Southeast Asia and estimation of underground temperature regime including the effect of volcanic heat Toshiyasu NAGAO
Heat flow, hydrocarbon maturity and migration in Northwest Java SISWOYO and Sandjojo SUBONO
Thermal studies of Indonesian oil basins Sandjojo SUBONO and SISWOYO
Heat flow in the oil basins in Vietnam Do VAN DAO and Tran HUYEN
Heat flow map of the Gulf of Thailand T. LEKUTHAI, R. CHARUSIRISAWAD and M. VACHER
Preliminary report of heat flow in the GGT profile from Manzhouli to Suifenhe, Northeast China Jim XU, Sachio EHARA and Xu HUI PING
Geothermal pattern beneath the continental margin in the northern part of the South China Sea Qian YIPENG, Niu XIAOPING, Yao BOCHU, D. E. HAYES, J. DIBOLD and P. BUHL
Thermal modelling of sedimentary basins in the CCOP region using HOTPOT R. A. CHADWICK, D. W. HOLLIDAY and W. J. ROWLEY
Tectonic evolution on the southern margin of the South China Sea Yao BOCHU