CCOP technical bulletin list



Late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic fossils of West Thailand and their environments Henri FONTAINE and Varavudh SUTEETHORN
Appendix 1 : Note on two “Incertae Sedis” from the Permian of West Thailand Nguyen Duc TIEN
Appendix 2 :Permian corals of West Thailand Henri FONTAINE
Appendix 3 : Microfacies of the West Thai Permian Louise BEAUVAIS, M. C. BERNET-ROLLANDE and Henri FONTAINE
Appendix 4 :Some Foraminifera and algae of the upper Triassic of West Thailand D. VACHARD
Appendix 5 :Preliminary note on some Jurassic microfossils (foraminifers, algae) from Thailand J. P. BASSOULLET
Appendix 6 : Jurassic corals and coral-bearlng limestone of Thailand and Burma Louise BEAUVAIS
Appendix 7 :Revision of the corals from the Kamawkala Limestone (Burmo-Thai frontier) described in 1930 by J. W. Gregory Louise BEAUVAIS
Appendix 8 :Jurassic brachiopods from the Klo Tho-Mae Sot Area Yves ALMERAS