CCOP technical bulletin list



The Permian of Southeast Asia Henri FONTAINE
Appendix 1 :Study of Permian samples collected from Sumatra Henri FONTAINE and Daniel VACHARD
Appendix 2 : Foraminifera and algae from the Permian of Kampuchea Nguyen Duc TIEN
Appendix 3 : Foraminifera and algae from the Permian of Guguk Bulat and Silungkang, sumatra Nguyen Duc TIEN
Appendix 4 : Microfacies of a few Permian limestones of Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia and Thailand Henri FONTAINE
Appendix 5 : A few corals from Malaysia and Peninsular Thailand Henri FONTAINE
Appendix 6 : Discovery of Permian limestone south of Tara Island in the Calamian Islands, Philippines Henri FONTAINE, Nguyen Duc TIEN and Daniel VACHARD
Appendix 7 : Two gymnospermous woods from the Lower Permian of Jambi, Sumatra Colette VOZENIN-SERRA