CCOP technical bulletin list



Tenth Anniversary Volum

The offshore hydrocarbon potential of east Asia – A decade of Investigation (1966-1975) The Office of the Project Manager/Co-ordinator, UNDP Technical Support for Regional Offshore Prospecting in East Asia
Ten years of petroleum exploration, offshore Indonesia Ismet AKIL and L. PEKAR
Offshore petroleum exploration in Japan Tomoya TAKEI, Akitoshi INOMA and Takashi SAITO
Ten years of petroleum exploration in Malaysia Chung Sooi KEONG, A. S. CAN, K. M. LEONG and C. H. KOH
Petroleum exploration and development in Thailand Mineral Fuels Division, Department of Mineral Resources
Review of provenance for mineral sands and tin in Southeast Asia L. C. NOAKES
Some notes of offshore exploration for tin in Indonesia, 1966-1976 Sutedjo SUJITNO