CCOP technical bulletin list



Marine geophysical surveys in the northern part of the Yellow Sea J. H. KOO
A foraminiferal study of the bottom sediments off the southeastern coast of Korea Bong Kyun KIM and Jong Hwan HAN
Distribution of planktonic foraminifers in the surface sediments of Taiwan Strait Tunyow HUANG
Sediments of Taiwan Strait and the southern part of the Taiwan Basin J. T. CHOU
Mineralogy and geochemistry of shelf sediments of the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait Ju-chin CHEN
Structure and stratigraphy of the China Basin K. O. EMERY and Zvi BEN-AVRAHAM
Aeromagnetic survey of the Palawan - Sulu offshore area of the Philippines W. BOSUM, J. C. FERNANDEZ, E. G. KIND and C. F. TEODORO
Preliminary report on reconnaissance of heavy mineral sands in southern Viet-nam L. C. NOAKES
Seismic investigations on the northern part of the Sunda Shelf south and east of Great Natuna Island B. P. DASH, C. M. SHEPSTONE, S. DAYAL, S. GURU, B. L. A. HAINS, G. A. KING G.A. and G. A. RICKETTS
Geological structure and some water characteristics of the Java Sea and adjacent continental shelf K. O. EMERY, E. UCHUPI, J. SUNDERLAND, H. L. UKTOLSEJA and E. M. YOUNG
Explanatory note to accompany the map, "Tertiary basins of eastern Asia and their offshore extensions (Revised, April 1971)" Technical Secretariat of CCOP