CCOP technical bulletin list



Aeromagnetic survey of offshore Taiwan W. BOSUM, G. D. BURTON, S. H. HSIEH, E. G. KIND, A. SCHREIBER and C. H. TANG
Note on sea bottom sampling in the offshore area of Taiwan, China Chinese Petroleum Corporation
Seismic investigation in the region of Poulo Panjang, offshore from southwestern Viet-Nam B. P. DASH, K. O. AHMED and P. HUBRAL
Notes on the geology of the Tambelan, Annambas and Bunguran (Natuna) Islands, Sunda Shelf, Indonesia, Including radiometric age determinations N. S. HAILE
Regional geology and petroleum prospects of the marine shelves of Eastern Asia M. MAINGUY
A conception of the evolution of the island of Taiwan and its bearing on the development of the Neogene sedimentary basins on its western side Chao-Yi MENG
Placer deposits of detrital heavy minerals in Korea Won Jo KIM
Oceanography and limnology in Mainland China H. K. WONG and T. L. Ku
Foraminifera in the bottom sediments off the southwestern coast of Korea Bong Kyun KIM