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Regional gravity survey of Luzon Island, Philippines

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Geological Structure and Some Water characteristics of the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea K. O. EMERY, Yoshikazu HAYASHI, Thomas W.C. HILDE, Kazuo KOBAYASHI, Ja Hak KOO, C. Y. MENG, Hiroshi NIINO, J. H. OSTERHAGEN, L. M. REYNOLDS, John M. WAGEMAN, C. S. WANG and Sung Jin YANG  (4,593KB)
 Report on the seismic refraction survey on land in the Western Part of Taiwan, Republic of China  K. SATO, C. Y. MENG, J. SUYAMA, S. KURIHARA, S. KAMATA, H. OBAYASHI, E. INOUE and P. T. HSIAO  
 New developments concerning the high sensitivity CSF magnetometer  G. ROYER  
 Distribution pattern of sediments on the continental shelves of Western Indonesia  K. O. EMERY  
 Note on the geology of the Republic of Singapore  M. MAINGUY  
 Development and status of paleontological research in the Philippines  Benjamin A. GONZALES  
 A petrographic study of the mesozoic and cenozoic rock formations in the Tungliang Well TL-1 of the Penghu Islands, Taiwan, China  J. T. CHOU  
 Outline of exploration for offshore extensions of coal fields in Japan  Shigemoto TOKUNAGA