CCOP technical bulletin list



Report on the offshore geophysical survey in the Pohang area, Republic of Korea Huntec LIMITED
Stratigraphy and petroleum prospects of Korea strait and the east China sea K. O. EMERY and Hiroshi NIINO
The regional gravity of the Penghu islands, Taiwan, China Y. S. PAN
Foraminiferal study of the Tungliang well TL-1 of the Penghu islands HUANG Tunyow
Sediments and structure of the Japan trench W. J. LUDWIG, J. I. EWING, M. EWING, S. MURAUCHI, N. DEN, S. ASANO, H. HOTTA, M. HAYAKAWA, T. ASANUMA, K. ICHIKAWA and I. NOGUCHI
Lateral sonar-a recently developed technique for sea bottom reconnaissance The Institut Francais du Petrole
A study on the marine geology around Danjo islands in the east China sea and Mishima island in the east part of the Korea strait Hiroshi NIINO
Economic placer deposits of the continental shelf K. O. EMERY and L. C. NOAKES
Age and nature of orogenesis of the Philippines F. C. GERVASIO
Regional geology and prospects for mineral resources on the northern part of the Sunda shelf The Technical Secretariat of CCOP
Geologic concepts relating to the petroleum prospects of Taiwan strait Chao-Yi MENG
Publications relating to offshore geology and mineral resources of the Republic of Viet-Nam The delegation of the Republic of Viet-Nam to the fourth session of CCOP