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Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.52 No.2/3 (2001)

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The survey helicopter, AS350, owned by Icarus Elicotteri, was employed for an airborne geophysical survey over Mt. Vesuvio by the Geological Survey of Austria (GBA)

They used a heliport in Santa-Agata, Sorrento, Italy, as an air base for the survey on the other side of Naples Bay. White cases in the front of the helicopter are a magnetic bird and two VLF birds from the left in the order. They suspended those birds by cables from the helicopter for the survey. NaI crystals were also installed on the helicopter for a gamma-ray survey. The heliport is located on a terrace with higher altitude and heavy fogs and low temperatures annoyed them, but a fine weather promoted the survey. They had a bad reception of GPS signals west of Mt. Vesuvio and had to use video images to locate flight paths (Supper et al., 2001).

(Photoed by Shigeo OKUMA)

Table of Contents

Special Issue:State of the Art and Perspective of Airborne Geophysics
-Frome Mineral Exploration to Environmental Survey-

Preface Shigeo OKUMA (71-72) 52-0203_01.pdf(165KB)
Result of the tests conducted by a newly developed helicopter borne gravimeter system Jiro SEGAWA, E. John JOSEPH, Shigekazu KUSUMOTO, Takemi ISHIHARA, Masao KOMAZAWA, Hiroshi HASEGAWA, Kazunori TAKADA, Eiji NAKAYAMA, Sei'ichi SEKIZAKI, Hajime SUZUKI and Sadaomi SAKUMA (73-81) 52-0203_02.pdf(1,472KB)
Aerogeophysics in Austria Klaus M0TSCHKA (83-88) 52-0203_03.pdf
Geophysical investigations in Southern Italian active volcanic regions Robert SUPPER, Klaus MOTSCHKA, Wolfgang SEIBERL and Maurizio FEDI (89-99) 52-0203_04.pdf(5,538KB)
Recent Advancement of High-Resolution Aeromagnetic Surveys at the Geological Survey of Japan Shigeo OKUMA, Tadashi NAKATSUKA, Masahiko MAKINO and Rie MORIJIRI (101-111) 52-0203_05.pdf(6,503KB)
Study on collapse of the lava dome, Unzen volcano using the airborne geophysical survey method Takaharu OKUNO, Motoiki SAITO, Kazutaka IKEDA, Toru SATO (113-124) 52-0203_06.pdf(12,709KB)
Building a Database System for the Aeromagnetic Anomalies over Japan Tadashi NAKATSUKA (125-132) 52-0203_07.pdf(3,298KB)