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Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.51 No.7 (2000)

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Limonite-stained granitic outcrop of the Osumi pluton. Because of much sedimentary components involved in the genesis, the granite contains Al-silicates, graphite and pyrrhotite, the last one of which bears iron staining of the outcrop.

(Photoed by Shunsou ISHIHARA, May l998)

Table of Contents

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Paired Suirur Isotopic Belts: Late Cenozoic Ore Deposits of Southwest Japan Shunso ISHIHAIRA, Akira SASAKI, Tetsuo MINAGAWA, Michiaki BUNNO, Akira SHISHIDO and Ryoji TANAKA (283-297) 51-07_01.pdf(5,775KB)
Comparison of radiocarbon ages of planktonic foraminifera and bulk organic carbon in marine sediments Ken IKEHARA (299-307) 51-07_02.pdf(1,097KB)
[ Notes and Comments ]
Variation curves of extinction angle, for determining the laws of plagioclase twinning with composition planes of rhombic section and (001)
Yuhei TAKAHASHI (309-315) 51-07_03.pdf(601KB)
[ Notes and Comments ]
IXE's progress as a tool for environmental sciences
Koichiro SERA and Satoshi MURAO (309-315) 51-07_04.pdf(1,161KB)
[ Study introduction ]
Improvement of micro-PIXE to quantify geochemical thick targets
Marsanori KUROSAWA and Satoshi MURAO 51-07_05.pdf(804KB)