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Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.51 No.6 (2000)

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Garnet skarn xenolith discovered in the Nishizawa pit, Takata quarry, Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture. Garnet is surrounded by green skarn composed of vesuvianite and epidote, and contains calcite in cavity of the center. Collection of Takata Centennial Museum (see text, p.251-258).

Table of Contents

TitleAuthor PDF
Paleomagnetic Study of Neogene Rocks Around the Uozu Area, Eastern Part of Toyama Prefecture Hiromi IWAKI and Yasuto ITOH (229-236) 51-06_01.pdf(1,166KB)
Measurement of archeomagnetic intensity of bricks from a Roman ruin in Slovakia Tomoko OGISHIMA, Rie MORIJIRI and Naoko UENO (237-249) 51-06_02.pdf(1,188KB)
Origin of enclaves and sulfur in the Inada Granite, Tsnkuba District, central Japan Shunso ISHIHARA and Masahide KONO (251-258) 51-06_03.pdf(5,012KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar, No. 266
Evaluation researches of earthquake occurrence potential by active faults and other factors (259-266)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar No. 267
Deltas: their Dynamics, Facies and Sequences with special references to sea-1evel changes and human im pacts
Preface & Asian Delta Programs of the GSJ Yoshiki SAITO (267-282) 51-06_05.pdf(2,319KB)
World Delta StudiesiA New Assessment of Some Key Problems : Age Dating, Land Subsidence, Sea-Level Change And Human Pressures Daniel Jean STANLEY (267-282)
Holocene Sea-Level Changes and Glacio-Hydroisostasy Masao NAKADA and Jun'ichi OKUNO (267-282)
Depositional Environments of the Deltaic Sedimentary Body at the Mouths of the Han and Imjin Rivers, West Coast of Korea Geon Hong MlN and Yong Ahn PARK (267-282)
Holocene Evolution of the Huanghe (Yellow River) Delta, China Yoshiki SAITO (267-282)
Human Impact on the Yellow River Delta Regime and its Consequences Zuosheng YANG, Yoshiki SAITO and John D. MILLIMAN (267-282)
Clay Mineralology of the Yangzte Delta, China: Interpreting Late Quaternary Sea-Level Fluctuations, Climate Change, and Sediment Provenance Zhongyuan CHEN and Zhanghua WANG (267-282)
Sediment Facies and Progradation Rate of the Changjiang River Delta Kazuaki HORI, Yoshiki SAITO, Quanhong ZHAO, Xinrong CHENG, Pinxian WANG and Congxian LI (267-282)
Harmful Dinoflagellate Cysts Found in Surface Sediments and a Core Sample Collected Offshore from the Changjiang River Mouth, China Kazumi MATSUOKA, Yoshiki SAITO, Hajime KATAYAMA, Yutaka KANAI, CHEN Jianfang and ZHOU Huaiyang (267-282)
Numerical Simulation of Paleotides around the Changjiang Estuary at 10 and 6 kyr B.P. Katsuto UEHARA, Yoshiki SAITO, and Kazuaki HORI (267-282)
Paleocurrent Studies on Sanrples from Borehole CM-97 from the Changjiang Delta Using Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility: Preliminary Results Baozhu LIU, Yoshiki SAITO, Toshitsugu YAMAZAKI, Abdelaziz ABDELDAYEM, Hirokuni ODA and Kaauaki HORl (267-282)
Sedimentary Facies and Progradation Model of the Holocene Mekong River Delta in Vietnam Susumu TANABE, Thi Kim Oanh TA, Van Lap NGUYEN, Masaaki TATEISHI, Iwao KOBAYASHI and Yoshiki SAITO (267-282)
Role of Remote Sensing in a Survey for Environmental Change Yasnkuni OKUBO, Akiko TAl~JAKA, Manabu KAKU and Sin SINSAKUL (267-282)
A Note on the Morphodynamic Processes of Different Time Scales in the Pearl River Estuary Chaoyu WU (267-282)
Coastal Development of the Modern Red River Delta Tran Duc THANH and Dinh Van HUY (267-282)
Landiorms and Environmental Change in the Lower Red River Delta Shigeko HARUYAMA and Vu Van PHAI (267-282)
Mekong River Delta Progradation into the South China Sea in the Late Holocene NGUYEN Van Lap, TA Thi Kim Oanh, Masaaki TATEISHI, Susumu TANABE, Iwao KOBAYASHI, Toshio NAKAMURA and Yoshiki SAITO (267-282)
Coastal Change and Saltwater Intrusion Related to Human Activities in the Coastal Lowlands of the Mekong River Delta, Southern Vietnam NGUYEN Van Lap, TA Thi Kim Oanh and Masaaki TATEISHI (267-282)
>Late Holocene Sea-Level Changes and Evolution of the Central Plain, Thailand Masatomo UMITSU, Sin SlNSAKUL, Suwat TlYAPAIRACH, Niran CHAIMANEE and Kumiko KAWASE (267-282)
Sedimentary Sequences of the P. T. Borehole,' Lower Central Plain, Thailand Suwat TIYAPAlRACH (267-282)
Late Holocene Delta Front Migration of the Chaophraya Delta, Thailand Yoshiki SAITO, Yoshio SAITO, Yuichiro SUZUKI, Sin SlNSAKUL, Suwat TlYAPAlRACH, and Niran CHAIMANEE (267-282)
Seismic Facies, Stratigraphy, and Evolutionary Model of Late Quaternary Deposits in the Lower Central Plain of Thailand Wichien INTASEN, Thawatchai TEPSUWAN and Suvit SERJTRAKUL (267-282)
The Markham Delta and Alluvial Fan Complexes of the Huon Peninsular Basin, Papua New Guinea Niran CHAIMANEE (267-282)
Grain-size analyses to compare overbank fiow, sediment entrapment and seaward bypassing in wave-dominated Holocene deltas, Veracrua, Mexico Hiroko OKAZAKI. Daniel Jean STANLEY and Eric E. WRIGHT (267-282)
Large Scale Coastal Behavior of the Nile delta, Egypt, and its 3D chronostratigraphy integrated into a GIS Daniel A. DeLISLE, Georges DRAPEAU and Daniel J. STANLEY (267-282)