Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.49 No.2/3 (1998)

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Temperature measurement of the pyroclastic flow deposits on the Pinatubo Volcano, Philippines.

(Photoed by Shigeru SUTO, Jan. 1995)

Table of Contents

Special Issue:A trial to geological hazards mapping

Rockslide-debris Avalanche of May 18, 1980, Mount St. Helens Volcano, Washington Harry GLICKEN (55-106) 49-0203_01.pdf(16,653KB)
Eastern Asia Natural Hazards Mapping Project Hirokazu KATO (107-123) 49-0203_02.pdf(2,113KB)
[ Notes and Comments ]
Environmental geological mapping and some problems in Korea
Gyo-Cheol JEONG and Won-Young KIM (125-126) 49-0203_03.pdf(352KB)
[ Notes and Comments ]
A review of catalogues of Chinese Earthquakes
Zhi-xian YANG (127-130) 49-0203_04.pdf(502KB)
[ Notes and Comments ]
Landslide database of Indonesia
Yousana O. P. SIAGIAN (131-134) 49-0203_05.pdf(407KB)
[ Notes and Comments ]
Geological hazards maps of Indonesia
Irwan BAHAR (135-142) 49-0203_06.pdf(1,427KB)