Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.42 No.10 (1991)

Table of Contents

K-Ar ages of the Sobosan volcanic rocks, Obira mining district, Japan Murao SATOSHI and Matsumoto AKIKAZU (497-502) 42-10_01.pdf(2,127KB)
Revised method to compute principal stress directions and R-values from striations on fracture planes Eeizo YAMADA and Keiichi SAKAGUCHI (503-515) 42-10_02.pdf(1,451KB)
A numerical method for calculating effective elastic constants of anisotropic material containing elliptical cracks Osamu NISHIZAWA and Takashi YOSHINO (517-526) 42-10_03.pdf(1,315KB)
Metal and non-metal productions of Hokkaido and their characteristics with special reference to Neogene Tertiary to Quaternary mineralization Junkichi YAJIMA, Toshikazu HASAKA, Eijun OHTA, Yasushi WATANABE, Mitsuru NAKAGAWA and Eikichi NARITA (527-542) 42-10_04.pdf(1,584KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar, No. 210
Progress on Geophysics
A study document collection 42-10_06.pdf(85KB)