Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.42 No.6/7 (1991)

Table of Contents

Special Issue:Geologic disposal of high-level radioactive waste (Part 2)
Formation of authigenic minerals in clastic sedimentary rocks of the northern part of Ishikari coalfield, Hokkaido: Its implications to the underground disposal of high-level waste Yasuko OKUYAMA-KUSUNOSE (289-304) 42-0607_01.pdf(5,487KB)
Permeability characteristics of Inada granite, Shirahama sandstone, Kimachi sandstone, and Neogene argillaceous rock Manabu TAKAHASHI, Ziqiu XUE and Hitoshi KOIDE (305-331) 42-0607_02.pdf(2,522KB)
Alteration of borosilicate glass under water saturated condition Katsuhiro TSUKIMURA, Yukihiro MATSUHISA, Yutaka KANAI and Hisako HIRAI (333-336) 42-0607_03.pdf(487KB)
Estimation of original reservoir fluid composition prior to aquifer boiling induced by well discharge Yoji SEKI (337-346) 42-0607_04.pdf(1,136KB)
Pyrophyllites from the geothermal fields, Japan Keiji KIMBARA (347-362) 42-0607_05.pdf(1,747KB)
Abstracts for Geological survey Seminar, No. 204
How the seismology does work to the social life?
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar, No. 205
Geological structure of the Japanese Islands
A study document collection 42-0607_08.pdf(104KB)