Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.40 No.2 (1989)

Table of Contents

Microfossils from the Gozaishoyama district in the southwestern part of the Mino Terrane, Central Japan Chikao KURIMOTO (55-64) 40-02_01.pdf(3,100KB)
Improvement for determination of potassium in K-Ar dating Akikazu MATSUMOTO (65-70) 40-02_02.pdf(616KB)
Formation of gas and n-paraffin by pyrolysis of sedimentary organic matter Hiroshi YONETANI (71-98) 40-02_03.pdf(2,302KB)
Systematization of aeromagnetic survey (II) – Data Processing Software – Tadashi NAKATSUKA (99-111) 40-02_04.pdf(1,454KB)