Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.37 No.4 (1986)

Table of Contents

Hydrothermal systems in the Beppu-Kuju-Aso-Kumamoto-Unzen geothermal areas, Central Kyushu, Japan – (1) Hydrothermal system models induced from specific distribution of volcanic hot springs and fumaroles – Hiroshi SHIGENO and Kikuo ABE (159-181) 37-04_01.pdf(3,017KB)
Stratigraphy of the Quaternary deposits in southern part of the Saijo Basin, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan Kiyohide MIZUNO and Mutsuhiko MINAKI (183-200) 37-04_02.pdf(2,351KB)
Plant fossils from the Tokai Group in the Chita Peninsula, Aichi Prefecture, Japan Toru ONOE, Masanori OZAKI and Fumio YOSHIDA (201-206) 37-04_03.pdf(3,208KB)