Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.31 No.11 (1980)

Table of Contents

A study on former positions of Shinano River mouth during the age of the formation of Niigata recent dunes in the southern Niigata Plain Ichiyo ISOBE (521-533) 31-11_01.pdf(1,989KB)
Crossplot analysis for aquifer materials Keiichi KODAI (535-552) 31-11_02.pdf(1,740KB)
Underground temperature surveys and thermal discharge measurements at Tarutama and Yunotani Geothermal Areas near Aso Volcano Kozo YUHARA and Keisuke USHIJIMA (553-566) 31-11_03.pdf(1,890KB)
[ Notes ]
Computer program to calculate the net slip of faults and the separation of planes by the faults
Eizo YAMADA (567-584) 31-11_04.pdf(1,670KB)