Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.29 No.4 (1978)

Table of Contents

An Outline of Expanded Shale Resources in Japan Noriyuki FUJII, Sadahisa SUDO and Masayoshi KURIYAMA (217-232) 29-04_01.pdf(3,448KB)
14C-Ages and Pollen analysis of the Quaternary Deposits in the Obama Plain, Fukui Prefecture Akira UNOZAWA (233-243) 29-04_02.pdf(2,171KB)
Observation of Water levels in Shallow and Deep wells at Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture Tsugio OZAKI (245-251) 29-04_03.pdf(575KB)
[ Notes ] (253-269) 29-04_04.pdf(1,504KB)
[ Notes ] (271-288) 29-04_05.pdf(1,930KB)