Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.27 No.12 (1976)

Table of Contents

The Compensation for the Aircraft Magnetism in the Aeromagnetic Survey 中塚 正・田村芳雄・陶山淳治 (773-781) 27-12_01.pdf(1,490KB)
Average Chemical Compositions of Rocks and Their Graphic Representation5. Mudstone of Mesozoic Geosynclines in Japan Chieko ONO (783-787) 27-12_02.pdf(1,008KB)
Chemical Components of Marine Sediments in the Mikawa Bay and the Southern Area of the Ise Bay – Distribution of minor elements – Tomiko NISHIMURA (789-805) 27-12_03.pdf(1,627KB)
The Geophysical Preliminary Surveys of Kagoshima Bay Junsuke CHUJO and Fumitoshi MURAKAMI (807-826) 27-12_04.pdf(6,771KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar (1976.10.6) (827-830) 27-12_05.pdf(497KB)
Correction of Text 27-12_C.pdf(28KB)