Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.27 No.11 (1976)

Table of Contents

Fission-track Ages of the Volcanic Rocks in Oyasu-Doroyu Geothermal Field, Akita Prefecture – Fission-track Age of the Igneous Rocks Associated with Geothermal Activities in Japan (1) – Susumu NISHIMURA, Masahiro TANIGUTI and Kiyoshi SUMI (713-720) 27-11_01.pdf(3,731KB)
Dredged Basalt from the Knoll between the Izu Peninsula and Izu-Oshima Island – GH742・St.7・D6 – Makoto YUASA and Eiichi HONZA (721-730) 27-11_02.pdf(3,448KB)
The magnetic prospecting in the Nearshore Area off North Kyushu, Southwest Japan akeo HOSONO (731-744) 27-11_03.pdf(1,860KB)
Fig.2 27-11_03-Fig.2.pdf(2,670KB)
Fig.4 27-11_03-Fig.4.pdf(2,760KB)
Fig.5 27-11_03-Fig.5.pdf(2,519KB)
Fig.8 27-11_03-Fig.8.pdf(2,461KB)
K-Ar Ages of Altered Rocks from the Michiquillay Mine, Peru Ken SHIBATA and Kinsuke UCHIDA (745-749) 27-11_04.pdf(609KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar, No.127 (1976.8.9) (759-772) 27-11_06.pdf(2,748KB)