Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.27 No.7 (1976)

Table of Contents

The Isotopic Composition of Sulfur and the Genesis of Mirabilite from the Miocene Oya Formation, Tochigi Prefecture Akira SASAKI and Noriyuki KOHYAMA (445-449) 27-07_01.pdf(1,155KB)
Finding of Pillow Lava from the Oligo-Miocene Formation of the Miura Peninsula Masaaki KIMURA, Makoto YUASA, Yoshiro MASAI and Yasumitsu KANIE (451-461) 27-07_02.pdf(5,552KB)
Cone Penetration Test and Measurement of Pore Water Pressure of the Surface Deposits in the Minami-Karuizawa Area, Nagano Prefecture Teruo AIHARA (463-469) 27-07_03.pdf(8,288KB)
Chemical Composition of Sedimentary Rocks and Granites from the Kuga District, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Southwest Japan Sadao HIGASHIMOTO, Ei OHMORI and Hayaji GOTO (471-481) 27-07_04.pdf(1,090KB)
14C-Ages of Rocks of Kirishima Volcano – 14C-Ages of the Quaternary Rocks Associated with the Geothermal Activity in Japan III – Ryohei OTA, Masaharu KAMITANI and Susumu NAKAGAWA (483-484) 27-07_05.pdf(235KB)
[ Notes ] (485-493) 27-07_06.pdf(1,286KB)
[ Notes ]
Information of new arrival foreign documents
(495-502) 27-07_07.pdf(1,668KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar (503-508) 27-07_08.pdf(1,668KB)