Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.24 No.9 (1973)

Table of Contents

Physical Properties and Sedimentary Features of Subsurface Layer in Southern Suwa Basin, Determined by RI. Prospectings, and the Estimation of Ground Surface Subsidence Takao KANAI (441-459) 24-09_01.pdf(5,807KB)
A Mechanical Analysis of the Sand Layer with Diagonal Bedding in the Pleistocene Miyata Formation Haruo NAGAHAMA and Toshiaki OSADA (461-468) 24-09_02.pdf(2,609KB)
Atomic Absorption Analyses of Be, V, Ba and Rb in Rocks and Flame Emission Analysis of Rb Shigeru TERASHIMA (469-485) 24-09_03.pdf(6,441KB)
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(487-494) 24-09_04.pdf(793KB)