Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.24 No.8 (1973)

Table of Contents

Geology and Metamorphism of the Mesozoic Formations of Northeastern Hokkaido Yoji TERAOKA, Mitsuo HASHIMOTO and Kimio OKUMURA (385-392) 24-08_01.pdf(2,913KB)
An Interpretation on the Subsurface Geologic Structure by Electric Prospecting in Southern Suwa Basin Takao KANAI (393-402) 24-08_02.pdf(1,018KB)
[ Summary ]
The Soil Stabilization Test for Suwa Lacustrine Deposits
Kazue WATANABE and Eizo TAKEDA (403-409) 24-08_03.pdf(5,634KB)
[ Notes ]
Evaluations and Views on the Group Training Course of Offshore Prospecting in 1971
Hiroshi HASEGAWA and Hiroshi MATSUI (411-428) 24-08_04.pdf(1,742KB)
[ Notes ]
Information of new arrival foreign documents
(429-436) 24-08_05.pdf(868KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar (1973.1.25) (437-439) 24-08_06.pdf(3,302KB)