Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.23 No.1 (1972)

Table of Contents

Special Issue:Synthetic Researches for “Kwanto Loam”

Preface and Completion Concerning the Synthetic Researches for “Kwanto Loam” Nobuhiko OBARA (1-5) 23-01_01.pdf(902KB)
Quaternary Geology of the Sawara District, Central Kwanto Plain Toru SAKAMOTO (7-10) 23-01_02.pdf(780KB)
Quaternary Geology of the Iwatsuki District, Central Kwanto Plain Toru SAKAMOTO (11-14) 23-01_03.pdf(385KB)
Stratigraphic Succession and the Physico-mechanic Nature of “Kwanto Loam” Detected by means of R. I Logging Takao KANAI (15-35) 23-01_04.pdf(2,283KB)
Structure and Ground Bearing Power of the Upland Overlaid by “Kwanto Loam Beds” Akira UNOZAWA (37-47) 23-01_05.pdf(3,494KB)
Newly Designed Apparatus for Loading Test and the Results of the Field Experiment Performed upon the Grounds of “Kwanto Loam Beds” Takaaki ANDO (49-58) 23-01_06.pdf(1,153KB)
Chemical Stabilization Tests Performed in “Kwanto Loam Beds” (Recent Volcanic Ashes) Kazue WATANABE, Eizo TAKEDA and Teruo AIHARA (59-69) 23-01_07.pdf(1,502KB)