Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.22 No.2 (1971)

Table of Contents

On the Sedimentary Process of Sandstone Layers of Miocene and Pliocene Series in Niigata Oil Field Kunio KAGEYAMA, Yasumoto SUZUKI and Jiro HIRAYAMA (53-60) 22-02_01.pdf(10,190KB)
Fig.4 22-02_01-Fig.4.pdf(1,197KB)
Vertical Distribution of Hydrocarbon Gases in Drilling Cores and the Relation between the Distribution of Core Gas and the Characteristic of Hydrocarbon Deposits – An example of the natural gas field in the southern part of Okinawa Main Island – Koji MOTOJIMA and Shozo NAGATA (61-69) 22-02_02.pdf(3,508KB)
On the Chemical Composition of Bottom Sediments from Mikata Five Lakes, Central Japan
– Studies on the chemical composition of sedimentary rocks, the 3rd report –
Ei OMORI (71-84) 22-02_03.pdf(4,121KB)
On the Underground Stratigraphy of the Shibikawa Formation Developed in the Ohnodai Basin, Akita Prefecture Kokichi TANJI and Kichisuke ITO (85-88) 22-02_04.pdf(2,300KB)
[ Notes ] (89-101) 22-02_05.pdf(2,157KB)
Correction of Text 22-02_C.pdf(64KB)