Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.20 No.4 (1969)

Table of Contents

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The Eocene Molluscan Fauna from the Degari Coal Field in Central Baluchistan, West Pakistan Atsuyuki MIZUNO (225-246) 20-04_01.pdf(6,889KB)
On the Seismic Prospecting in the Mizusawa District, Iwate Prefecture Kanenori ICHIKAWA (247-260) 20-04_02.pdf(2,569KB)
Fig.3 20-04_02-Fig.3.pdf(6,384KB)
Observations on the Time Variations of Seismic Wave Velocities by Explosion Seismic Method (First Report) –On the Background of Experimental Field– Isao HASEGAWA and Susumu IIZUKA (261-294) 20-04_03.pdf(3,404KB)
Correction of Text 20-04_C.pdf(119KB)