Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.19 No.9 (1968)

Table of Contents

A Problem for Estimating Sedimentary Condition – as an Example of Horizons in Kami-izumi, Chiba Prefecture – Katsura OYAMA and Shochin ISHIYAMA (569-574) 19-09_01.pdf(715KB)
Ore Showing Graded Bedding from Uchinotai Western Ore Body, Kosaka Mine, Akita Prefecture Takeo SATO (575-580) 19-09_02.pdf(12,490KB)
On Time Variations of Gravity in the Period of the Matsushiro Earthquake Swarm Kiyoshi SEYA (581-596) 19-09_03.pdf(1,487KB)
Present Status of the Geochemical Researches for Low-molecular Weight Hydrocarbons Koji MOTOJIMA (597-602) 19-09_04.pdf(712KB)
Geochemical Study of Limestone (1) – On the Minor Elements in the Akasaka Limestone – Tadashi FUJINUKI (603-624) 19-09_05.pdf(2,437KB)
[ Summary ] (625-628) 19-09_06.pdf(534KB)
[ Notes ] (629-636) 19-09_07.pdf(820KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar (1968.9.13) (637-639) 19-09_08.pdf(360KB)
Correction of Text-1 19-09_C1.pdf(102KB)
Correction of Text-2 19-09_C2.pdf(114KB)