Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.19 No.1 (1968)

Table of Contents

History of Researches on Paleocurrent in Reference to Sedimentary Structures
–With Paleocurrent Maps and Photographs of Sedimentary Structures–
Haruo NAGAHAMA, Osamu HIROKAWA and Tokiko ENDA (1-17) 19-01_01.pdf(20,336KB)
Contribution to Geotechnique Concerning Influence of Void Water on Ground Stabilization in Southern Lowland of Lake Biwa, with Special Reference to the Delta of the Yasu River, Shiga Prefecture Nobuhiko OBARA, Kazue WATANABE, Toru SAKAMOTO, Takaaki ANDO, Teruo AIHARA, Takao KANAI and Akira UNOZAWA (19-38) 19-01_02.pdf(2,634KB)
Fossil Diatoms from the Neogene Sannohe Group on the Northwest Margin of the Kitakami Mountains, Northeast Honshu, Japan Miyoko ONO (39-48) 19-01_03.pdf(1,045KB)
On the Relation between Mudstone Strengths of Outcrop-samples and Geologic Structure Kazuo INAMI and Toshihiro KAKIMI (49-54) 19-01_04.pdf(774KB)
[ Notes ] (55-65) 19-01_05.pdf(1,414KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar (1967.11.16) (67-68) 19-01_06.pdf(283KB)