Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.12 No.4 (1961)

Table of Contents

TitleAuthor PDF
Marine Sonic Survey and Land Geological Survey on the Shimabara Kaiwan Junsuke CHUJO, Nobuoki KONDO and Hajime KURASAWA (247-283) 12-04_01.pdf(12,688KB)
On the Mineralogical Composition of Iron Sand Ores in Yamakawa and Onejime, Southernmost Kagoshima Prefecture Hisamitsu HARADA (285-291) 12-04_02.pdf(766KB)
Report on the Land Devastation and Sediment Accumulation in the Source Area of River Tetori, Ishikawa Prefecture Kazue WATANABE (292-305) 12-04_03.pdf(1,824KB)
Some Contribution to the Flood and Land Conservancy Investigations from the Engineering Geological Points of View for the Source Area of the River Sho, Gifu Prefecture Part 1.
General views of the waste mountainland
Kazue WATANABE (306-317) 12-04_04.pdf(2,288KB)
[ Summary ]
Report on the Engineering Geology of the Proposed Dam Site of Gomijima along the River Tetori, Ishikawa Prefecture
Nobuhiko OBARA (318-322) 12-04_05.pdf(703KB)
[ Summary ] (323-324) 12-04_06.pdf(159KB)
[ Notes ] (325-334) 12-04_07.pdf(1,002KB)
Abstracts for Geological Survey Seminar (1961.3) (335-336) 12-04_08.pdf(184KB)