Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.10 No.9 (1959)

Table of Contents

Report on the Geological and Radiometric Survey of the Go River Basin Eijiro OWA (737-740) 10-09_01.pdf(430KB)
Report on the Geology and Radioactive Anomaly in the Multiple Purpose Development Area of the Go River Basin Hideki MATSUBARA (741-747) 10-09_02.pdf(739KB)
Report on the Land Conservancy and River Improvements from the Applied Geological Points of View for the Multiple Purpose Development Area of Go River Basin, Extending over Two Prefectures, Hiroshima and Shimane Kazue WATANABE (749-769) 10-09_03.pdf(12,713KB)
Geological Researches of Several Dam Sites along the Tributaries of the River Go, Shimane and Hiroshima Prefectures Nobuhiko OBARA (771-784) 10-09_04.pdf(1,543KB)
Ground Water and Hot Springs in the Sambei Volcanic Area, Shimane Prefecture Takeshi ANDO (785-799) 10-09_05.pdf(1,717KB)
Radioactivities of Granitic Feldspar and Biotite of Misasa and Kurayoshi Districts, Tottori Prefecture Kazuichi HAYASE (801-807) 10-09_06.pdf(2,032KB)
Reconnaissance Investigation for Radioactivity in the Neogene Sedimentary Rocks of the Shinji and Tamatsukuri Areas, Shimane Prefecture Shigemoto TOKUNAGA and Michiya KONO (809-815) 10-09_07.pdf(1,221KB)
[ Summary ]
On the Radioactive Anomaly in the Scheelite-Molybdenite-Chalcopyrite Deposits of the Uchitomi Mine, Fukui Prefecture
Yasuo UKAI (817-822) 10-09_08.pdf(620KB)
[ Summary ]
On the Radioactive Anomalies in the Sakurago and Zomeki Districts, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Yoshiro KINOSAKI (823-827) 10-09_09.pdf(573KB)
[ Notes ] (828-838) 10-09_10.pdf(1,297KB)