Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.10 No.7 (1959)

Table of Contents

Geology and Gold-silver Deposits of the Kitanoo and Other Several Mines, Ikutahara Gold Mining District, Kitakami Province, Hokkaido Takeo BAMBA and Masao SAITO (553-566) 10-07_01.pdf(1,453KB)
Study on the Kuroko-like Stockwork Copper Deposits of the Tsuchihara Mine, Iwate Prefecture
Part 1. Structure of Shiratsuchi Deposits
Hideo OTSU, Ichiro SUNAGAWA, Kiyoshi TAKAHASHI, Mitsuo TANEMURA and Norizo GOHARA (567-574) 10-07_02.pdf(878KB)
Relation of the Geological Structure to the Occurrence of Natural Steam in the Onikobe Basin, Miyagi Prefecture Hisayoshi NAKAMURA and Others (575-600) 10-07_03.pdf(3,706KB)
Organic Matter of Peat Bog and its Underground Water
Part 1. Studies on Organic Matter in Hydrocarbon Deposits
Shin' ichi MAKI (601-616) 10-07_04.pdf(1,634KB)
Various Problems on the Resistivity of Formation Water (Rock Resistivity 1) Yoshihiko ONO (617-626) 10-07_05.pdf(1,158KB)
On the Deformation of Reflected Wave due to Sampling Filter (627-636) 10-07_06.pdf(865KB)
[ Summary ] (637-638) 10-07_07.pdf(194KB)
[ Notes ] (639-653) 10-07_08.pdf(1,379KB)
[ Notes ] (654-658) 10-07_09.pdf(521KB)