Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan Vol.9 No.12 (1958)

Table of Contents

Areal Investigation for Industrial Water Supply in Nakatone Area, Gumma and Saitama Prefectures Nobuo KURATA, Tsugio OZAKI and Hayaji GOTO (821-837) 09-12_01.pdf(1,541KB)
Industrial Waters of Niigata, Nagaoka and Shibata Cities in Niigata Prefecture Nobuo KURATA, Toshio MURASHITA and Takashi HIRUKAWA (839-846) 09-12_02.pdf(755KB)
Hydrogeological Investigations of the Surface Water and Ground Water in the Yodo River Basin Tsugio OZAKI, Toshio TAKEICHI and Takeo KOBAYASHI (847-864) 09-12_03.pdf(1,664KB)
Ground Water for Industry in Osaka Prefecture (except Osaka City) Toshio MURASHITA, Kazuo MORI and Hayaji GOTO (865-884) 09-12_04.pdf(1,913KB)
[ Notes ] (885-892) 09-12_05.pdf(681KB)
[ Notes ] (893-903) 09-12_06.pdf(1,174KB)